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Las Vegas

I believe it a special kind of irony that one week after I begin to make a series of resolutions in an effort to become more Godly, I would find myself in Las Vegas. I used to love this place and never really saw anything wrong with it. Sure, there was a seedy side, but there was another side that wasn’t so bad. I used to love to come for the shows, the sights and the food. I used to gamble but thought that if I could just avoid that, then it wouldn’t be so bad. Well, once again, I was wrong. This really is “Sin City” and I don’t mean that in an affable way.

There has been quite a bit of discussion about gambling in blogs, by some more knowledgeable and respected men than myself. Al Mohler has written a very thoughtful piece, which I highly recommend. Dr. Mohler makes the case that the morality that gambling promotes is opposed to a biblical world view. I read his comments and somewhat shrugged them off because when I gambled, I gambled for “fun”, so that little bit didn’t apply to me. In retrospect, I believe that Dr. Mohler really did nail it. I just had to come here and see it to really get it.

After being here, I find myself squarely on the other side of the fence than I used to be. I am going to butcher an exposition to make a point. Matthew 7:16, states that by your fruits you will know them (false teachers). So if this was such a wholesome or good or “not that bad” activity then it would bear good fruit. I see a culture that revolves around sex and greed, the fruit is rotten. And it follows the casinos, where they go the pawn shops follow. I would like to make one small disclaimer. As with anything, there is a balance and Las Vegas has some good things that are even morally neutral or even beautiful. But to get to them, you have to wade through everything else.

There are so many lost people here, and they don’t even know it. They seek an earthly kingdom, and no one is telling them different. It is sad and should drive me to my knees. This has made me think about how I choose to spend my time. So I have revised a resolution, the meaning is essentially the same but it is more clear and I have added a 6th resolution to be sure that my motives are always brought into question.