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In an effort to more emulate Christ, I resolve to the follow and to read and reflect on these at the close of each week.

  1. Resolved, that I should make things a priority that which, to the best of my understanding, most glorifies God.

  2. Resolved, that I should always remember that any effort to keep these are not by my own strength, but the strength of Him who died for me.

  3. Resolved that if I should ever fail to keep these resolutions that I will immediately repent of all that I can remember when I come to myself again.

  4. Resolved, that I will endeavor to keep my word in all aspects of my life and to only commit myself to that which I can keep.

  5. Resolved, that when I feel my burden is too great, to think instead and focus on the cross.

  6. Resolved, that I should examine my motivations before seeking my own pleasure, and to see counsel when I feel my focus has shifted to myself.